In July 2001 the first meeting took place on a little-known comedian and famous singer.They both took part in the "Slavonic Bazaar" held in Vitebsk.Maxim was the role of the participant, and Alla - President of the Jury.Philip himself introduced them to each other.

In August of the same year, a second fateful meeting in celebration of the birth of the artistic director of the concert hall "Russia".That evening Alla and Maxim long conversation, parodist even dared to invite a lady to dance.Galkin recognized that creativity has always been a fan of Pugacheva, he admired this woman.In November 2001, between lovers a real fire broke out, they realized that they could not live without each other.Alla and Maxim are sure that for each other and ideal. Alla regrets the age di
fference with Maxim.They probably would have met each other before.

Pugacheva always pay attention to intellectuals with glasses and Maxim just prefer this image for herself.Even before he met with Galkin between Kirkorov and Pugacheva began disorder.They have ceased to understand each other.Maxim was in the right time at the right time near Diva.Relationship with Christina Aguilera did not immediately evolved.Christina - a man with a strong-willed and stubborn character.It is with trepidation and concern relates to the mother and she does not care who is next to Alla.But soon all gone omissions. Alla and Maxim enjoy family life.Husband and wife are always together attend the event, along rest.

Joint life

first three years of life together did not do without quarrels and scandals.It was a period of grindings.But over time, the storm subsided, Alla and Maxim have learned to understand each other.Even in hard times, in moments of offense, which sometimes lasted for several days, I was not going to give up a couple.Alla and Maxim - adults wealthy people know what they want, baby childish - not their level, and to warm the public interest by means of statements about the separation to his pair of them not for what.


evidence that Alla and Maxim happily married, was the declaration of the birth of twins born: Lisa and Harry.The children were born by a surrogate mother.Kids star couple were born September 18, 2013.New father is in the seventh heaven.He gladly tells the audience about his "treasure" of their feeding and first successes.It turns out that Alla has long wanted to have a second child, but she did not succeed.11 years ago, she froze her eggs in the hope that they will be useful to her.The names of the children chose Alla, Maxim has approved them as they go perfectly with my father and surname.