This unusual name is subspecies of crustaceans decided to give Paul Sikkel, a biologist from the University of Arkansas.It was this scholar - a fan of Bob Marley opened the blood-sucking crustacean and in such an unusual way desired to express their love for creative musician.

«I decided to call this kind of crustaceans, which, moreover, is also a miracle of nature, in honor of the magnificent Bob Marley because of my admiration for his music, - explained his intention to Paul Sikkel, associate professor and expert on marine ecology.- Marine parasite - a unique view of the Caribbean, however, as he Marley.

Bob Marley - very eccentric Jamaican musician, singer and composer.He died in 1981, but despite this, Robert Nesta Marley (his full name) is still considered the most popular performer of reggae.

As reported at the National Science Foundation, NSF (National Science Foundation), Gnathia marleyi - the only species of animal that is able to open in the Caribbean over the last 20 years.Unknown to science crustaceans similar to blood-sucking ticks forest, long known to man.These marine animals belong to the family Gnathiidae - mind parasites halo habitat which is limited to coral reefs.

Juveniles crustaceans Gnathia marleyi live and grow up among the debris of corals, sponges and algae deep at the bottom.They were waiting for the fish, stick to it and it becomes a carrier of the parasite Marley.Adults are individuals Observer Paul Sikkela can do without food for two to three weeks or longer.

Bob Marley's family members and record label Island Records, which owns the sole rights to the recording musician, did not comment on the decision to call the marine parasite named Jamaican legend, writes The Christian Science Monitor.