Only recently scientists have discovered the exact dimensions of the Great Wall of China.It turned out that its length is 8851 km.This magnificent building stretches from west to east, passing through 10 provinces and 156 districts of China.The researchers found that over its entire length of the wall has a heterogeneous structure and different heights.To determine the exact parameters have been used images taken from satellites and aerial survey results.
Most of the fortifications made by human hands.In other places, the function performs the vertical walls of a natural mountain.But that's not all: for nearly 400 km of the construction does not have the height.Here
you can see something like a wall "on the contrary", which is presented in a fairly deep ditch filled with water.To overcome such a protective structure enemy was extremely difficult.
Unfortunately, not all the wall is preserved today, some of its sections are in ruins waiting reconstruction.Part of the wall destroyed by the elements, something sorted out local farmers who needed building materials for their farms.Those surviving sections of the wall, which are now often visited by tourists, have an age of about six years.
In general, the wall began to build in the third century BC, during the reign of Qin Shi Huang.The emperor ordered to interconnect separate sites previously erected fortifications that were built by local rulers.Of course, construction standards different provinces different from each other, and therefore the height of structures was not the same throughout its length.
impossible to specify exactly the height of the Great Wall, because it varies greatly throughout the building.It is considered that the average height is about 6.5 m, but in some places, the wall extends upwards and 10 m. The width of the strengthening and range from 5 to 6 m. The entire length of the walls are built watchtowers and armed guards for premisesboundary.
Today it is hard to imagine how much time and effort it took to build this extension, extensive and high construction.On the construction of the Great Wall at the same time the work of several hundreds of thousands of slaves, peasants and prisoners of war.The work did not stop, day or night.Forced builders rammed ground, laid the foundation stone of the massive walls, made of brick masonry.Many builders have completed the construction of the wall in the journey of life, never returning home.