you need
  • - computer;
  • - printer;
  • - paper;
  • - pen;
  • - envelope, letterhead inventory investment and return receipt requested, and money to pay for telecommunications services when sending e-mail claims.
usually claim address of the first person of the company.If you know his last name, initials and title, select.This information may be on the company's website or presented publicly available in her office, store (in the past is always present with a stand of information for consumers) and t.p.Esli not have enough of the phrase "the head of this or that" or "this company-That ".The full name of the company and its organizational and legal form (LLC, JSC, and others.) Ukazat.Nizhe need to enter your full name and address w
here you can be reached, on request - contact phone number.
Caption substantial part of the document the word "claim" or "treatment" .Nizhe explain the essence of the incident, to get you to contact the company - right from the start, without going into details.Emphasize what your rights are violated by the actions of the company, how the provisions of the current legislation protivorechat.Zatem laid out, what you're asking.Each requirement, especially the material plane (for example, if you ask for a refund on goods of poor quality), it is desirable to justify the provisions of the legislation from which they are derived.
the end warn about further actions while ignoring your letter or unmotivated refusal: file a lawsuit, which will require compensation for you for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, and others.
Ready claim print and sign.You can take it to the office or any related thereto division (branch, additional office, shop) etc.In this case, make a copy and ask to put a mark on it with the date of acceptance, signed and stamped accepting.In case of refusal to accept the document or to make a mark on this send it to the address of the registered letter in the mail with a list of investment and return receipt.