If you want to pay off debts as soon as possible, begin to live within our means.Review your monthly and daily budget in the "What to buy" leave only the most necessary.Try to ignore the temptation to make a spontaneous purchase (this applies to the smallest detail).Comforted by the fact that the sooner you pay it back, the faster will be able to once again indulge yourself with pleasant shopping.
to bring this happy moment, think about finding another source of income.We are not talking about what you have worked for days, stopping only for a four-hour sleep.But even a small part-time for 2-4 hours daily can significantly accelerate payments on loans or debts.The main thing is to find the cause that would be too tedious and would have liked.With the right appro
ach, even part time can be arranged from a hobby.
Which debts to pay first?Regardless of the size of the first is calculated in terms of which will come faster.If the amount is too high, try to make sure that you had the opportunity to return at least part of it.Be sure to contact your creditors or loved ones from whom you borrowed money, and report on the situation.Perhaps one of them will go to meet you and will extend the payment period.On the contrary, if you have accumulated all the necessary amount, return the money as soon as possible, without waiting for the scheduled date.
How to prevent the need to borrow money?Master the "10% rule".Its essence lies in the fact that each of the monthly income you have always put off 10%.It is best to open a bank account, the conditions which do not allow you to easily take the money deferred.By the way, when you pay off all debts, it will be easier to maintain the habit to give part of the income.Only this time you will pay itself in the future.