Visit the official site of the Beeline mobile .Choose your area of ​​residence.From left to see a list of services to the site.Select the section "My Account".
Fill with your phone number, enter the password to the personal account.Press "Enter".If you do not know the password to a personal account, then to your phone number, a subscriber of Beeline network , dial * 110 * 9 #.After a while you will receive SMS with a password.Save this SMS or rewrite your password.
Go to the menu of financial information.Click the link to view the call details.Specify the period detail - select the best 30 days.This service network Beeline is free for prepaid and credit payment system, otherwise it will be necessary to pay 30 rubles commission.Select a file format with details.Proposed options are txt, pdf and xls.For account select txt.After filling in all the fields, click "Order".
Wait a few minutes.In the financial information in the block finished reports should be a new record.Download the report on your computer.This report shows information about all received and dialed numbers, as well as the flow of funds.For account can also send a written request by fax or mail box Beeline .The statement can be found in Help and support site, enter the letter telephone number account , passport details, the billing period and ensure payment for the service.Select the Internet site for the selection of the appropriate fare.Download it received a monthly report.Click "Choose."After a while, the system will pick up to you the most suitable and cost-effective tariff mobile operator Beeline , corresponding to your needs.