Tip 1: How to return the shares

In recent years in our country has increased the number of investors - the people who decided to invest their savings in shares or other securities.Every corporation (both open and closed) is required to maintain a register of shareholders.
Shares are common (ordinary) and preferred.Dividends received on common shares will depend on the performance of the company and payments on preferred shares are usually fixed.Often disputes arise with respect to shares issued by public companies - that is, we are talking about registered book-entry shares.
The law does not oblige the act at the sale of the shares only on the basis of the contract of sale.The agreement can be reached, and orally, the main thing to send to the company whose shares are the subject of the transaction, the transfer order.After that, the register of holders of shares have been changed.However, what if the result of the sale of shares, the conditions of the contract have not been met and the seller wants to re
turn their shares ?For example, the registry entry has been changed, and the buyer has not handed over to the buyer money for shares .The Civil Code contains an article 491, which states that the buyer can not dispose of the goods until the moment of its payment, unless otherwise provided by the contract.However, the law "On Securities", unfortunately, is contrary to the Civil Code with regard to securing the rights to shares .That is, when making entries in the register of shareholders, the ownership of the seller is already lost.Thus, such disputes in most cases are resolved in court.Arbitration courts, examining all aspects of the transaction can make a decision, according to which the registrar would be obliged to cancel the recording.
Based on jurisprudence, shares , sold at public auction, can not be returned if the bids were not invalidated.Nor is it possible to return the shares , which have been withdrawn from the owner by bailiffs under the law "On Enforcement Proceedings".
In other cases, contact the court of general jurisdiction at the place of residence of the seller, if the dispute is between individuals, or a court of arbitration if a defendant acts corporation.

Tip 2: How to return the top line

If your site for a long time ranked number one search engine, and began to lose ground - means it's time to take urgent measures to return the lost positions.This will require an urgent basis measures to optimize the site and its "visibility" in the network.
How to return the top line
you need
  • take:
  • - develop a plan to raise the rating;
  • - company offering optimization services.
To start, determine the place at this time it takes your life in the ranking of search engines.To do this, enter a keyword / keywords in the search box and start searching.If your asset is calculated mainly on the Russian-speaking audience - use by Yandex, if you are working all over the world - add and Google.After a few seconds you will understand things - if your site is visible on the first page - a good result if he is on the lower spot - get to work.
Start by looking at your competitors' sites.Choose the ones that are on the first five lines of the rating, and carefully proshtudiruyte them, they attract visitors as involved in promoting what their design, service, service - all you need to review and adopt the best tactical moments.
Take advantage of the popular bulletin boards, forums, blogs - a regular place at these sites the information about your site, do promotions.
The same applies to social networking sites - their attendance has just rolls over, which is also a positive thing for you.Create a group on a site by the name of the resource, and make permanent mailing - notification of new acquisitions, promotions, news, events.Welcome to visit your site, for those who come to this resource, offer discounts, surprises, we launched - do everything to make people want to come to your site.
Select several sites with high attendance and arrange for the exchange of links and banners.Such sites should be not much - a maximum of three or four, they may be similar to your site theme, but should not be direct competitors.If your site will complement each other - this is the best option.For example, a women's clothing site can put a banner on your pages hyped Site female fitness club and so on.
Redirektnye links - do not forget about them.This is one of the most effective ways to attract visitors.
Following the operation, check again what is now the place takes your site in search engine rankings.Re-enter keywords into the search box and start searching.If you have worked diligently and persistently - certainly your life has moved to the top line search rankings.
Remember that a good result to maintain, a high rating will not hold itself.
Helpful Hint
You can do this work yourself or have her company, which professionally engaged in the optimization of sites and will be responsible for the result.
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