If you are working, for example, a computer program "1C: Accounting 7.7" and "1C: Salary 8," then to upload the chart of accounts from the package "1C: Accounting 7.7"the program" 1C: Salary 8 ", open the main window of the program" Accounting 7.7. "Then click on the tab at the top of the window "Tools", then click the drop-down list in the "Communication", select the "Communication with" 1C: Salary 8 "and select the option" Upload data to the editor ... ".
If you need to download the chart of accounts of the program "1C: Salary and personnel management 8" in any of the packages "1C", make those described in the first step of action, ie: openthe main window, select the tab "Tools", then go to the ite
m "Communication" and set the "Communication with" 1C ... "and then click" Upload data to the editor ... ".
When you work with any other version of the program "1C: Accounting", in addition to the configuration 7.7., In order to unload the chart of accounts of "1C: Salary and Personnel", open this program "PlanAccounts "and select the" Fill Default. "This button should be active in this case.Before unloading the chart of accounts set up wiring accordingly.
In addition, the methods of discharge of accounts you can read in the documents accompanying the package "1C".Also, any version of the program includes a help system, which helps the user to understand the confusing moments for him.To access the system, select the "Help" and navigate to the item "General Description".In the drop-down list, select the "cash flows.Upload and download documents. "Another system, which helps to orient working with "1C" is a dialog box "Guide" that accompanies any of your actions.Just select a content desired topic by double-clicking.