basic rule of the buyer in a supermarket - to scrutinize the price tags and labels.Very often, the price on the trading floor and the final at the box office are significantly different from each other.If the price tag on the product is sealed another discount price tag, most likely you will find a nasty surprise at the checkout and the product does not meet the stated price.
second rule of the buyer in a supermarket - look carefully shelf life.Do not take dairy and meat products with a long shelf life, as it often increases the store employees, rewriting date.In addition to long-term storage of such p
roducts requires compliance with all conditions and requirements and ensure that the store keeps the products properly, the buyer does not.
in large supermarkets is always a department ready to salads, appetizers, meat and fish cuts.Very often the sellers for salads use the products, which is about to end shelf life.It may be dangerous to health.Moreover, buying salads and slicing, the buyer can not be 100% sure that the knives, cutting boards and hands Seller are spotlessly clean.There is a very high risk of developing intestinal infection.It is not necessary to give purchased shoplifting salads children, as it can lead to very serious consequences.
Avoid sausage cuts in favor of the usual whole sausage.The cutting is most often are the same sausage, which is suitable shelf life, as well as dried up and unsold pieces.Buying sausage products, pay attention to the appearance.First of all do not be afraid of white plaque, which emerges on the product, since it is common salt, the product is isolated.Apprehensive Treat shiny, smooth, polished surface of the sausage.Very often the sellers give the presentation sausage dried up, rubbing it with vegetable oil for shine and illusion of freshness.
Often supermarkets announce season big discounts to certain groups of goods.The calculation is that the buyer come for discounted products, in addition to it buys goods without discounts and more.To discounts should be taken cautiously, often store trying to sell products to the deadline date.It is necessary to check not only him, but also the appearance of packaging, as well as its integrity.
Do not forget that the most expensive items are placed on the top shelf, as well as at the level of the eyes of the buyer.These are the products that the store hopes to implement in the first place.In the lower tiers arranged cheap goods, and goods with a long shelf life.At the edge of the goods are located to close to the expiration date, do not be lazy to push his hand deep into the shelves, there are always fresh product.
When you beat back the goods at the cash register, be sure to check the check and save it before coming home.In case of inappropriate goods returned to the store and presenting the check, the store or return the money or replace expired product.