find out for sure name of the official who should direct your complaint .
clearly identify and specify that you do not like what you want to achieve and what (compensation, the dismissal of the employee, assist).
As you compose an official document to show respect for those who will read it: write neatly and legibly without corrections, use A4 size paper.If possible, print your report on your computer.
Note that the text should not
be too long, place it no more than three pages, it is better - to two.
write on the merits.Specify the action of the person (name, title, etc.) you consider unlawful.Add to describe the situation, the necessary details: document number, the exact dates, names of all participants.Indicate that you understand the reasons for what happened, what you have done everything possible to solve the problem, and this complaint - the last hope for justice.
will not let emotions.Justify your claim legally, list articles that fall under your situation, mention specific documents.Express their attitude to the problems encountered, to estimate actions of certain employees.Add the copy of the letter you sent to other instance, let us know how you proceed if your requirements are not met.Specify the article of the Law, according to which you will be able to attract officials accountable.
At the end of treatment clearly state your requirements and the need to implement concrete actions, as referring to the law.That is, your complaint should not be a simple statement of fact (or facts) and inaction in the situation of a particular official , it must contain a proposal - as you see the solution to the problem, like, in your opinion, should allow it the one who is obliged todo it.
Enter your personal data: surname, first name, telephone number, e-mail address to which you want to receive a written response, date, and signature.