Remember the rules for writing addresses on mail.In the upper left corner of the envelope enter the address of the sender, and in the bottom right - the recipient of the letter.The address data of the sender and recipient are written in that order.First - the surname, name and patronymic name of a person or company.Followed by street, house and apartment number (office).Then add the city, postal code and country - "Ukraine".If the correspondence is sent to the territory of Ukraine, you can not write on the envelope the country.Please note that the index to indicate the recipient's mail in envelopes there is a special place.
In Ukraine, five-digit postal codes.The first two digits of the index (01 to 99) indicate the town, and the other three - the number of the post offic
e.For example, the city of Kiev general zip code is 01001.
Go to the site of the Ukrainian state enterprise of postal communication "Ukrposhta".There you can learn how to code the name of the selected village, and in particular the street (for cities and towns).Note that in one street may be linked several postal codes.Then in the search results will be highlighted on the site and the number of houses, which include one or another index.Additionally, here you can find and coordinate the necessary liaison offices.
also necessary postcode enterprises or institutions can be found on their website or by using the search engine.To do this, type in the search box the name of the company (institution), as well as the city in which it is located.
If you temporarily do not have access to the Internet, find interesting code in the post office when you send mail.As a rule, there are special directories.Also it can provide the necessary advice and fellow-mail.