Obtain appropriate clothing: cotton T-shirt, shorts or pants.Pay special attention to footwear.Do not engage in socks, or wearing open sandals, as there is a risk of injury.Sneakers - not a sports and casual shoes, so the training is best to wear shoes.Bags and mobile phones leave the door of the gym.The first will occupy a lot of space, the latter will irritate and distract from the lessons.Be sure to take a towel and follow personal hygiene.
not distract those who are currently engaged in or on the equipment performs approach.By asking questions and laughing at them, you will not only prevent them focus, but also run the risk of provoking a conflict.Do not give advice unless you are requested to do so, and if you do not coach.The sports hall hangs a mirror?Try not to obstruct a
other people with you people.
During the exercise is extremely important to free space.In addition to the psychological aspect, small boundaries do not allow to fully carry out the training and may even be the cause of injuries.So try to keep a distance of 1 meter with those who work on the equipment and free weights, as well as during the run, etc.Do not take long shells - Respect others.
Be polite.If the shell or simulator, where you want to work out, is not available, ask how many approaches it is available (but only when the person completes the set).Do not refuse to help if you are asked to insure.Firstly, this means that at the right moment and help you, and secondly, it brings even strangers.In the gym, as well as in other public places is prohibited obscene language.