you need
  • - document of registration of dea
  • - certificate of embalming;
  • - certificate from the SES;
  • - a certificate of sealing the coffin;
  • - container cargo packing 200;
  • - ticket
Immediately before the carriage is necessary to prepare the body.At the morgue embalm it is required for up to 10 days.This is to ensure that the carriage of the body does not start to decompose.If you need help embalming to later exchange it for a document from the SES that the load 200 is not dangerous.
body of the deceased for transportation fits into a special container made mostly of zinc.After the body is laid, the container is sealed.In the hands of the representative is given a certificate of non-nested, which is needed for transportation.Another document that you want to receive - a certificate of registration of death.
before transporting the coffin must be securely packed and labeled produce.Packing is made in a wooden box, and the free inner space is filled with sawdust.When carried by air transport, you first need to book cargo space.Many airlines in cargo carriage 200 have a prerequisite - the presence of a companion.For him, an ordinary passenger ticket is purchased.Shipping 200 is possible only in the presence of an airplane luggage compartment.Inside the coffin carriage is strictly forbidden.
the carriage often used in direct flights.In the case of connecting flight, the minimum time at the dock to be 6 hours.The passenger, who is accompanying should appear on the registration for 6-7 hours prior to departure.At itself it must have a full package of documents.Date of death certificate from the SES, a certificate of quality sealing machine, air ticket.
The presence on board a cargo of 200 must be informed by a crew member.Also, the information must be timely transferred to the destination airport and docking.Load cargo in the aircraft needed to boarding, and unloaded after landing.There are no wires and ceremonies strictly prohibited.
Get 200 cargo in the cargo terminal of the airport of destination can only be a person who is listed as the consignee on the delivery note.If you need to go through customs, then accompany the consignment of 200 passes it out of turn.