first determine the purpose of the camp, its concept, format and theme.Decide whether it is training, health, sports, tourism, military, ecological or holiday camp (this list can be replenished and replenished).Do not forget to think about their own purposes.What do you want from the organization and carrying out of camp?Perhaps you want to grow up new frames, make or hone their professional skills.
Dial team organizers.First, it should be a creative group of a few people who will study the program and all the organizational issues.Then, this group can be completed, if the camp need more people.
Describe what you see members of his camp: what are gender and age, what knowledge and skills own, home to what they do.Think about the coverage area (organ
ization / company / institution, city, state, country, several countries).If necessary, define the criteria for selecting participants.
Now, based on the objectives, concepts, format and theme of the camp participants and characteristics, defined with the venue.Decide what should be the conditions of residence and level of comfort that you need for the activities of the camp.
Decide the duration of the camp, develop its detailed program, create a schedule for each day (total - for participants and more detailed - for the organizers).Think about all the organizational issues, issues relating to accommodation, food, transportation of participants.
Determine the size of the article and expenses.Select the source of funding, it will largely depend on the purpose and size of the camp and the characteristics of the participants.There are the following options: sponsored agents, organization / enterprise / institution, funds from the budget of the city / region, the means of public associations, the grant Registration fees of participants.