you need
  • - a computer or typewriter.
Before you begin note the requirements of publishers from your mailing list to volume, content synopsis and its annexes.Some publishers need to include in the final volume of the book synopsis and brief excerpts from some chapters.Another quite alone synopsis, but said at the beginning of the document background information about the author.Others asked to send along with a short synopsis two or three chapters of the work.Note what publishers priority for you, and write a synopsis is given of their claims.
start writing, remembering that the synopsis - something like briefly outlined the concept of the work.Therefore, a standard synopsis should
not be in terms of more than one page.Better yet, if the author will be able to present the idea of ​​the work in a few paragraphs.This brevity should not affect the intriguing plot.After the synopsis should primarily be interested in the editor or producer.This can be pre-formulated for themselves tezisno answers to the following questions:
• genre affiliation work (thriller, drama, comedy detective, erotic novel, a children's fantasy);
• protagonists;
• about the plot;
• complication of the plot;
• Key critical moments;
• the climax and denouement.
tezisno written synopsis may take two or even three pages, so the next stage of work it is necessary to "squeeze" - clean "water", emotions, and minor characters, branching from the main storyline, trivia and updates.When thoroughly "squeezed" a synopsis will take no more than a page, it is possible to work more thoroughly on each proposal.The task of the author to make a succinct synopsis.So far-reaching and "catchy" to the editor or producer in the course of its interest in reading has not disappeared, but only increased.It should avoid complex sentences and metaphors.
Give the text "lie down", and to the final processing of the product summary is recommended to start at least a day later.Synopsys will be read more easily, and some are not seen during the hard work of flaws or excesses will become apparent.