you need
  • - the earth;
  • - fertilizer;
  • - cultivator;
  • - seeds;
  • - seedlings;
  • - building material;
  • -ptitsy;
  • - young cattle;
  • - feed.
Break garden.To grow vegetables for sale, you need to determine which vegetable crops grow best in your soil type.For this analysis to take her.There you can find, making any minerals will help to grow more crops.Calculate the necessary quantity of various vegetables.Make a rotation.
cultivated land by a cultivator.Make organic fertilizer.Under root vegetables and tomatoes to make them better in the fall.Also under these crops appropriate to the autumn introduction of double superphosphate.Under the sheet, as well as squash, cucumbers, zucchini better put organics before
planting.For a week fertilize the beds compost or rotted manure the ground.Purchase seeds proven firms if planted vegetable seedlings - buy it only in reputable nurseries.The quality seed material depends yield even greater extent than on land preparation.Follow agrotechnics vegetable crops.If your region is threatened in May or June night frosts, use ground cover material.
Vezite harvest of ripening the nearest regional center.If you do not want to engage in sales on their own - at kolkhoz markets there are specially created intermediary firms who buy the products of private enterprises.
Build house.Chickens, geese, turkeys are quite simple in cultivation and do not require any special conditions.For desirable duck pond.Also, in recent years, private households are increasingly started breeding birds such as pheasants, pigeons, quails, guinea fowl.But if you live far from large cities with developed infrastructure, to find them a marketing will be difficult.In this case, stop at familiar to Russian villages birds.Eggs and meat you will be buying many neighbors, and the excess, again, could be taken to the nearest regional center.
Get cow.This is - a wonderful way to live in the village.Typically, each Cows can produce about 7-8 liters of milk per day.If you make him sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products, in part - to sell, and the rest used for food, your family will be provided with all necessary.