Attractions Kulikova field

Kulikovo Field is located at the junction of three districts - Kimovsky, Mother of God and Kurkinsky, they all belong to the Tula region.Under Kulikov field it is understood not only the place of the battle, but also a large portion of the Russian Plain, which covers the upper basin of the River Don and Nepryadva.All this space is considered to be protected by the state reserve.

begin exploring this historical place can Epiphany - a former major county town, is currently in the territory of a merchant's manor there runs a historical and ethnographic museum, which can cause great interest among lovers of antiquity.

next place of Kulikovo, where you want to go - the village and the village Tatinki Monastyrshchino, which are located at the confluence of the Don and Nepryadva.It was there Tatinskim ford shelves Dmitry Donskoy crossed the Do
n to join the battle with the army of Mamaia.After the battle in the village Monastyrshchino buried the fallen soldiers.It was built church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, it was originally made of wood, but now is a stone building.This temple and the Avenue of Remembrance and Unity are the museum-memorial complex, which houses a unique collection of objects related to the battle of Kulikovo.

the road from Monastyrshchino possible to get to the place of the Battle of Kulikov.This field is located between the beam and the top of the Fish River tar.Some time ago there was a revived Green Dubrava, hundreds of years ago there was a reserve regiment Bobrok magistrates, who decided the outcome of the battle.

on the highest hill Kulikova field obelisk in honor of Dmitry Donskoy, it can be seen from a distance of fifteen kilometers.The hill on which stands an obelisk, called Red.In addition to the obelisk in honor of Prince Dmitry, it built a temple Sergius of Radonezh, which is one of the most holy Kulikova Fields.

historical disputes

number of researchers, based on the absence of archaeological evidence of any battles on the Kulikovo field, believe that one of the major battles of Russian history took place is not there.Historians explain the absence of such significant findings that these things have been very expensive in the Middle Ages, and after the battle they probably gathered.However, in narrow circles is still debate about whether, where the Battle of Kulikovo.