man becomes poor if its income exceeds expenses.Therefore, after the next payday, make a list of things that you need to buy.It will be the rent, the cost of food, transportation.Perhaps you would like to buy myself something of clothes - make it to the list.Be sure to set aside some money for a "rainy day" - in case you get sick or you need to leave quickly.And now calculate how much money will leave you on the planned expenditure.If you stacked in the earned fee - excellent, no - cross out a new blouse.
However, do not just want to live within our means, want more and to live well.Your earnings depend on the chief, so he was the first person to whom you should address your problem.If he will raise you a salary - excellent, you have succeeded, and
if the tenth time promise to consider this issue, feel free to look for a new job - the old you will not get anywhere.
When looking for a new job adequately assess its value as an employee.If you are a student yesterday, accept the fact that a couple of years you have to work in low-paid work, but you will get invaluable experience.If you are an experienced professional, evaluate their work appreciated.
Find a part time.Probably, most of the working time you drink tea with colleagues, so why not spend it to good use?Write articles in the newspapers, develop the program.You know how to weave beads, cutting dogs or great glory of all his girlfriends?Earn money on it!Ask friends, so they advertised you among his friends, bragging rights in social networks.
rich man - this is not the only one who earns well, but the one who spends a little.Of course, do not deny yourself in the joys, but think that all your expenses bring you pleasure, whether you can from something to give.For example, if you are used to after work to buy their own chocolate, try to quit and suffer half an hour before the house.With this stuff in the past month, you will save a decent amount that can be spent on more important purchase.