you need
  • - passport;
  • - the document on residence registration (if any);
  • - photos;
  • - medical certificate (as at the time of the law);
  • - money to pay the state duty.
The traffic police unit engaged in the issuance of international human rights, it is necessary to come with a set of documents.It is your passport, driver's license, photo formats "on the right ยป and a medical certificate.
If you are not registered in Moscow , but have in the capital of registration at the place of stay, it will be given the right to you, but will need to present a document on the desk.
Help is the same as that issued to you on exam rights , and it turns out the same way.Just do not forget to ask w
here indicated all the categories in which you are allowed to drive vehicles.After all, they have to reflect and international 's rights, and the absence of them to help do that will not.
court fees, you can on the spot through the terminal.Or do it in advance at any branch of the Savings Bank.Details of the size and prompt consultants in the department or any department of traffic police of the Moscow police.
Choose the most convenient division of traffic police issued an international rights .For example, in 2008, they can be obtained from three locations: on the street.Bolshaya Ordynka, 8, tel.923-28-63, served residents of all districts of Moscow, on the street.Lobnenskaya, 20, tel.485-59-73 - Eastern, Northern, North Eastern, North-Western and Central districts and Zelenograd, and on the Warsaw highway, 170, tel.382-94-42 - Western, Southern, Southeastern and Southwestern regions.Usually
international rights already ready on the same day.