you need
  • - blank sheet of paper,
  • - envelope,
  • - handle.
To write a normal letter , first determine who and where it will be sent.Find the exact address of the Index (the six-digit code), country, region, town, street, house, apartment.Find out the name and first name of the addressee.Sit back, take a clean sheet of paper and a pen.And stocks inspiration.After all, to write a good letter - it's like to compose a whole literary work.
determine the style of writing: business, love, friendly.It depends on the use of phrases, use of stylistic devices.Start with a greeting, given the rules of etiquette and decorum.Do no
t write "Hello!", "Salute!" And similar greetings to adults, the elderly and strangers.Welcome destination, focusing on your relationship with him.
Then you can ask about how to make the recipient, not "dig" much deeper into the soul, do not ask too much, so as not to offend.Summarize the survey to decent absentee interview.Accurate and quick response, you still do not get it.
Next, specify the purpose of your letter, please describe yourself, your life, your business (if necessary).Remember that not all the information is useful.Relate whether the recipient know about your lifestyle.Tells the story of the news that will be of interest to readers of the letter.Tell about the changes that affected the common themes.
writing a letter , do not forget to say goodbye and wish you good luck, etc.Do not forget about the rules in this etiketa.Oformite desired address, your return address (it will come in handy if letter return).Take letter so that it will fit in an envelope.Seal it.Take the nearest post office of Russia.It will specify the cost of sending.And wait for an answer.