first steps to restore the passport

The first step is to write a statement about the loss of the passport.You can do this at any police station where the officer on duty will not only provide an application form, and explain all the nuances.Then, the citizen is given a special card, with which he can apply to the passport office.Voucher issued by the police station, will allow to certify that all the necessary formalities are met and the declaration of loss of passports already seen the police.

Then the employee passport written statement, stating the place of residence and residence, date of marriage, having children, and other information, according to which will decide whether to issue a new document.Therefore, you should advance to gather all the nec
essary documents, somehow confirming the important events of life: birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of family composition, military ID, and others.You should also make six photos of a standard sample.Then you will be given a temporary ID card, which will be canceled upon receipt of the passport.

Making new document

is important to take into account the point that under the current legislation, for the loss of a passport to a citizen of administrative liability, whereby it is necessary to pay the penalty.Typically, the amount of such sanctions is fixed and is perceived as a state duty to restore the document.But do not delay the payment, because the less time will pass from the moment of submission of the application to the payment of a fine, the less likely the accrual of additional interest charges.

Usually period of issuing a new passport varies from one and a half weeks to two months.During this time, workers will check the passport information provided and prepare a new document form.

loss of documents abroad

If you lose your passport while traveling abroad, despite the fact that the legislation of various countries very different from each other, the first action, contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation.After completion of all formalities within three days you are required to issue a temporary identity card.

little different situation arises in case of loss of passport.To recover the document should go to the migration service or MFC.It should be remembered that in this case the list of documents to be submitted to obtain a passport a little different.In addition to photos, you need another copy of the main passport and employment record.