Familiar look at the public sector

state employees are people who are paid salaries from the state budget.The level of remuneration of this category is totally dependent on the state and its policies.Part of the taxes that go to the budget allocated to the financing of this sector.

Domestic realities demonstrate the plight of public sector employees.Salaries of teachers, doctors and many other professions are traditionally low.The government prefers to focus its financial resources on other items of expenditure.There is another group of state employees, whose status and prestige is not in doubt.

«Other» state employees

This primarily government officials.They are paid exactly the same as educators or health care budget.But their level of income much greater, and the value and respect in today's society is incomparably higher.The official associated with the government, which makes the work of the prestigious and coveted.However, their social security provision far exceeds other categories of public sector.

other representatives of state, whose status and respect in the society, no doubt, are the security forces, or the army.The state considers its main priority funding for the defense unit, capable of protecting both the external and the internal enemy.Therefore, the security forces is much better off than social workers.Their state tries to solve the problem in the first place.

Social justice for state

totality of state is diverse, both in terms of income and prestige.Relevant is the question of social justice for this population.The question is whether that society is more important - education, health care or power, control and defense of the country.Since all members of the public sector are financed by the state, that it depends on the development of various areas of the public sector.To support the current government depends on how much priority will be one or another profession.

State has a considerable influence on the development of modern society.It depends on the level of financing the lives of many categories of workers - state employees.Government policy in this area significantly affects the lives of a large number of citizens, and also determines the direction of development of society and its priorities in the short term.