originality.Originality can consist in creating something completely new and in the modification of an existing idea, i.e.creating a new approach thereto.Also, this property is manifested in the person of genius, in his world, the ability to think and act like everyone else.
versatility.Brilliant people can engage in several works in different or related fields.But there are creative geniuses who are passionate about the same activity, which now may be the best, and that this occupation is popular in society.
effectiveness.Geniuses direct their capabilities and force business to achieve its goals.They are constantly improving, bring their creations to the absolute superiority.Just be smart person, not embodying his ideas and thoughts in life, they are not enough.
obsession.Learn genius he can focus on a
nything.On the way to the result of his actions, he forgets the time, he does not notice what is happening around him.Sometimes he forgets his physiological needs during a specific task.
ability to stay ahead of the event.Brilliant people can make the discovery on which laugh and criticize his contemporaries, but recognize in the future.So many creations of genius have had success only after their death.Proceedings of the immortal geniuses, remember them, and discuss the use to this day.
sacrifice.Brilliant people make discoveries, create works of art for the benefit of all mankind.In doing so they may live in poverty, but they continue to do.
acquired the character of genius.IeIt is not inherited, as opposed to talent, and develops the individual genius in the process of education and training.However, according to some researchers, the quality of the individual, inherent genius, present in every child, but the education system hinders the development of genius in children.