The law stipulates that in case of deficiencies return technically sophisticated products seller consumer has the right within 15 days.After this period you can return the product only if it contains significant flaws.Under the significant shortcomings meant flaws that can not be eliminated, or their elimination would require disproportionate cost of goods expenses and time spent, as well as shortcomings repeatedly revealed or manifested again after their elimination.
You also have the right to require the replacement of defective goods for goods of the same brand or another brand, make the necessary conversion rates.If you bought the go
ods in a promotion, implying the discount, it is also non-refundable.For goods sold on credit, you must return the amount of the loan outstanding at the date of return, and pay for its provision.
confirm defects in the goods, in case of failure of Seller to reimburse the cost, help the examination, which should be held in 20 days from the date of return of the goods.To prevent the substitution of defective goods, when transferring it to the examination, make the act of reception and transmission, indicating all the nuances and defects in appearance.If, in your opinion, the likelihood that you will deceive the seller, great place returned goods into the box and seal it with his signature, thereby eliminating the possibility of additional exposure to it prior to the examination.
you can be present during the examination and verification of the quality of the goods.To do this, you must notify the seller in advance about your wish.If your interest is to protect the legal representative, draw on his power of attorney.If necessary, the court, you can fix the process and the results of the examination on video, as well as to attract third-party witnesses.During the test you can make comments and suggestions.