If you lose awards need to write an application for issuance of a duplicate of lost awards to the head of administration of the city of residence of the award.If there are documents confirming the award, such as help from the archives, awards certificates to the application you need to make copies of them.Based on the statement of the head of the city will apply to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation on state awards for a duplicate.
The statement must specify a valid reason for the loss of rewards.Valid reasons are: the loss of rewards in a combat situation, as a result of natural disasters.In cases of theft of state awards, you must provide a certificate from the po
lice that the award appealed to the police for embezzlement awards.Valid reasons may loss awards are recognized and other times when there was no objective possibility of safety awards.
Recovery awards made in cases of rehabilitation on the basis of the award or loss of public danger of the act award.Duplicates of the documents to the state awards issued by the Office of the President of the RF on personnel matters and state awards.Duplicate certificates conferring the title of Hero of the Russian Federation issued.
awarded in respect of citizens exposed to unjustified repression during the 30-40's and early 50's and was posthumously rehabilitated, their awards can be given their close relatives (spouses, children) tobased on the application.Awards are given solely for the purpose of storing and maintaining the memory of deceased relatives without the right to wear.
conferring the title Hero of the Russian Federation, awarded the Medal of the Order, or may be made posthumously.In such cases awards and documents to them, transferred to close relatives.Restoring departmental awards made in accordance with the internal regulations of these organizations