Write neat and beautiful handwriting.It is very likely (especially if you are applying for a serious place), the company will analyze your handwriting handwriting.Try to write the letters straight large enough, it does not raise them above the line (lifting means pride and arrogance).If your letters are similar to each other, it says that in you there is creativity;At the same time, if you are clearly going to write each character separately, it will emphasize features such as concentration and order.
Anticipate what they want to hear from you.It is foolish to write honest answers to the questions will be much more productive than the answer that satisfied the applicant.For example, if you are sure sure you take it with the prospect of growth, write that "you are looking to get into the team and find a pe
rmanent job."On the other hand, if you see that the future of the bosses would not want to create a competition, emphasize that "I am interested in is this post, not something higher."
answers the question "How would you like to earn" on the question "How much are we promised you in the announcement," while slightly increasing the amount.For example, if you are satisfied with the waiter 15 000 p, write the answer "14 000-16 000."It will emphasize your loyalty.On the other hand, the answer "From 16,000" provide confidence and sense of purpose.
carefully underline its flaws.This question probably will meet you in the questionnaire, and the correct answer will be "Disadvantages I have, but they do not interfere with work."Nestling bartender, in any case, you can not write that you have been scattered, but on the other hand, the absence of flaws seem suspicious to the employer.So you need to write something that does not really hurt the future of the bartender: "There are too fixated on the details, overestimate their capabilities."Get your shortcomings to be positive, or at least, neutral.
not lie.The information you disclose should be embellished, but not wrong.For example, if you are bad enough with your computer, but learned how to open the main program office, boldly put yourself "4/5", even though objectively evaluate themselves into three.On the other hand, do not try to say that you know English, if you just took it in school.You risk to get into a very unpleasant situation, perhaps, after the hiring.