ocean provides many useful human biological resources.Fishing - one of the oldest crafts that remains relevant to this day.Fish and seafood are the most healthful foods in the diet of modern man.Out of the same seafood and seaweed are allocated very useful components that are widely used in the cosmetic and medical industries.
hidden in the ocean rich in mineral resources.Among them is the mineral deposits on the bottom and underneath the ocean water itself, which contains many substances that are actively used by man.Ore reserves, oil, gas and coal at
the bottom of the ocean far exceed the deposits available on land.This underwater mineral resources are present and the future of the modern mining industry.
oceanic water is often called "liquid ore" - it includes elements range from salt to gold.Of course, gold is extracted from the water is not too insignificant concentration, but the selection of salt, and magnesium bromide are commercially available.The main advantage of the extraction of mineral resources from the ocean water is its efficiency, unlimited feedstock.
ocean keeps a huge energy potential.The energy of ocean currents, tides, substantially higher than the potential of all rivers of the world.Currently, however, this potential is only beginning to be developed and is underutilized.Stations using tidal energy, have already been built in Japan and Europe.They are highly effective, but quite costly.
In addition to quite tangible material resources, the ocean offers a special world of a man who can change the view of the surrounding reality, to get rid of the effects of the stress of everyday life, to recuperate.The proximity to the sea allows you to recall the unity of man and nature.