diet of a man who lived in the stone age, was extremely simple.No sugar, salt, grain, alcohol, and especially today's popular nutritional supplements.It is believed that ancient people got a lot of energy from animal food which is at least 65% of the total ration, leaving 35% of plant food.In the food it was much lower in fat than absorb the inhabitants of modern cities.
The food received a lot of foods rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants so fashionable today.From reliable sources it is known that ancient people received tissue in the amount equal to about 100 grams per day, while people today
do not get up to 20-30 grams.
diet of ancient people was filled with lots of fruit.They contain useful minerals prevent the emergence of cancer.For the food used a dry and lean, rather than in domestic animals, the meat of wild animals and birds.It is this meat contains the most useful for the organism is different fatty acids and their balance.The remains of the skeletons of wild animals found in the caves of ancient people suggest that the ancestors of modern man prefers to hunt deer, rhinos, some marine mammals.The menu also had nuts, herbs, roots, leaves of plants, which today is hardly seen on the shelves of modern shops.
believed that vigorous conducting and in the pursuit of sustenance for all day every day primitive man devoured at least 3-4 thousand calories.Of course, ancient people did not know what cheese, pickles and smoked, and in fact they contribute to the development of hypertension, the appearance of kidney stones, stroke, osteoporosis, literally "soured" body.
diet of ancient people varied depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir habitat, environmental conditions and the degree of evolution.For example, studies show that most likely already Neanderthals ate boiled vegetables, broths made, meticulously treated butchering animal carcasses, selecting only separately taken internal organs, such as the stomachs of herbivores.Over time, hunting and fishing is now making available for human fish dishes.