interesting fact is that the ozone hole appears every year in August, thereby inducing terror to all mankind, and is closer to December, it disappears, as if it never existed.But Antarctica and the oceans most of the year under the ozone hole!Scientists, researchers came to the conclusion that although the ozone hole is located over Antarctica, it affects rainfall in the Southern Hemisphere climate change on the planet.
recent increase in extreme precipitation, and they, in turn, cause natural disasters (floods, landslides).It is still not established who the culprit occurrence of ozone holes
.Maybe the reason for their occurrence are flying in space, the result of human activity or the greenhouse effect, but one thing is clear - the ozone layer becomes thinner, and this is a comprehensive problem.
However, anthropogenic factor - only one component of the problem.There is a theory that the planet itself is destroying himself, forcing humanity with the help of radiation (read - cancer).The fact that the map of the ozone hole coincides with the map of deposits of methane, which is why we can say that hole have always been.Want to help - give up the aerosol, whether deodorants, air fresheners and others. Do not let Freon - monitor the integrity of the system in the refrigerator, car, etc.
Protest with the "green" sign the appeal to governments of the world - the more activists, the greater the chance that you will be heard.
General Assembly in 1994 declared September 16 as the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer.In 1987, Russia and 36 countries have signed the document, observing that the participating countries are required to limit or stop the production of ozone-depleting substances.
Everywhere monitored for large enterprises as they comply with the legislation on protection of atmospheric air.Countries have made stopping the production of chlorofluorocarbons.Scientists believe that the measures taken (if the culprit is human origin) to help upgrade the ozone layer by 2060, but until that time, a violation of the ozone layer strongly affect the climate.