Israel - one of the most dynamically developing countries of the world.Over the past two decades, the number of Israeli citizens has nearly doubled.In terms of life expectancy, Israel ranks fourth in the world, largely due to high-quality medicine.

deficit of physicians in Israel

Israel is now experiencing an acute shortage of doctors and medical staff.This is due to the fact that nearly a quarter of all graduates of medical educational institutions leave to work in the United States.And the pace of learning new skills are not that great - only 260 new doctors a year.

First Steps

bulk physicians Israel receives at the expense of migrant workers.Young doctors with Jewish roots, can expect to participate in government programs that allow to get acquainted with Israeli cul
ture and get basic skills to communicate in Hebrew, as well as to confirm your medical degree.Through the program, immigrants from the former CIS countries can get to Israel, health insurance and a license to work as a doctor.

license can be obtained within six months of training, immediately after the exam.The exam is a test in which the examinee answers to several hundred questions in the core disciplines - psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics.Test is passed if the examinee correctly answer more than 65% of the questions.

to start work on a specialty is required to pass the exam and even in Hebrew.Therefore, confirming his medical degree, you can become a member of the next program, aimed at tighter language learning.This program lasts for about ten months.Its participants are given a hostel and scholarship.Having passed the language exam in Israel can easily get a job anesthesiologist, a physician or surgeon.


Physicians by Israeli standards get quite a good salary.If the average salary in the country is just above $ 2,000, the anesthesiologist boasts a rate of $ 3,000 and above.And that salary beginner doctor who is trained in residency.After training, the level of monthly income can go up to $ 5,000.

In the case of successful completion of the residency the doctor has the right to open their own clinic or work in other people's private clinics, which also has a positive impact on the level of wages.