If there were no wars and the huge loss of life, lived on the earth today have a huge number of people, the descendants of the victims, which currently does not exist.Among them would be ordinary people and outstanding, and those who have influenced the course of history.Thus, the world might be very different from a cultural and technological point of view.
may not be the state in its present form sinceIt would not need to defend the border.People could move freely from country to country and traveling.There would be no enmity among many nations because of the wars in the past.
There would be defense industries and a variety of plants, working on her needs.There involved huge sums of money and resources could be directed at addressing other pressing
issues.The State would not need to maintain an army.Men are, respectively, would not have to go to serve (in Israel and women, too).
known that a number of discoveries and inventions, industrial growth in countries were often the result of the arms race.If there were no wars, maybe people would be living in lower-tech society.Some would say that it is bad.On the other hand, a negative impact on the environment industry could also be smaller.
There would be thousands of atomic bomb tests in the XX century, as well as the use of nuclear weapons in 1945 against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Do not have killed about 200 thousand people in the explosion, thousands more would not get sick from radiation sickness, and would not be caused enormous damage to the environment.
face of many cities would be different, because during the war it was destroyed many towns and important monuments of architecture and art.
political landscape in many countries would have been different.At the head of state could be other presidents and ruling parties.
History textbooks would be several times thinner, or would disclose the peaceful side of life is much better.