If your article is focused on a specific paper, make sure that the topic of your material for this paper is relevant.It is unlikely that an article about the structure and application of centralized lubrication systems published in the newspaper about hunting and fishing.
Write interesting observing logical connection between sentences and paragraphs, without departing from the subject.The surest way to create a really exciting and interesting articles - write what you know, what you are competent.
Before you send the article to the editor, go to or call to find out
whether to accept the publication of material written on his own initiative.If you answer yes, please specify what are the requirements to the article and to pay any fee for it in the event of publication.If you know all this is not possible, buy the latest issue of the newspaper and learn the texts published in it.What are the scope, genre, what is the target calculated etc.
Some advise to go to the editor "ahead" and put it on the table an article.Sometimes it helps, but more often these actions do not cause the editor of any sympathy for you, or even a desire to read the article.Send your letter to the material, briefly state its advantages.The shorter and clearer your message, the higher the chance that it will be read.
Wait for a response from the editor.Be prepared for failure, but if your article is not accepted, do not despair!This does not mean that your article is badly written, and you're mediocre.Perhaps the editor was just a bad mood.Try to apply the same article in another office.
It may be that interested in the material editor, but the article should be amended.Ask deadline - the date by which the article should be prepared - and edit it on time and in accordance with the requirements.