476 a year is considered the beginning of reference of the Middle Ages.This year, the Roman Empire suffered a fiasco from the Germans barbarians.The Middle Ages, the history of Europe was divided into two epochs: antiquity and the subsequent rebirth.At this time began a prolonged interruption in the development of science, architecture, art and culture.Time of big cities came to an end.People were much more advantageous to form settlements in forests and feed on the ground, rather than starve in the big cities.Agriculture was the backbone of the economy.Most of the population engaged in heavy physical labor in low pace of technical evolution.By the end of the tenth century in Europe medieval society was a separate but complementary formed social grou
ps.Each group was characterized by the duties, rights, and certain lifestyle.Social groups were divided into "working" (artisans, peasants), "belligerent" (Knights), "praying" (monks and priests).Three groups can not exist without each other, thanks to an alliance dominated by the law, and the people enjoyed mirom.Tserkov religiyaOgromneyshuyu and role in society of the Middle Ages played a Christian religion.Also bliss after death and faith in Scripture, religion did not offer anything to anyone.As a result, instead of faith and hope in the community was seeded fear of the unknown, the sale of indulgences and the belief in religion "good deeds."Education in the Middle vekaOdnoy of the main goals of any monastery were training nearby population and literacy instruction in the Christian morality.The monks taught children and men writing, singing hymns, prayers.Since the end of the IX century in monasteries copied in addition to the Holy Scripture, the writings of ancient authors.Gen. SrednevekovyaEsche in those days there was a saying: "meet on clothes ..." Clothes points directly to social affiliation.If a person was wearing more expensive clothes than the supposed status - it is regarded as the sin of pride.Much attention was paid headgear and other accessories.For example, the gloves can accurately tell all, to what caste they belonged host.In conclusion we can say that the Middle Ages, often referred to as "dark ages", but just when it originated European nations.It originated in the Middle Ages, many cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčthat formed the basis of modern civilization.