1. Desk is not necessary to place next to the window - daylight can create glare on the computer screen.It is better to set it in the place where work is most convenient.

2. In addition to the desk lamp on the desktop should fall diffused overhead light, otherwise the eyes will quickly get tired.Less tired eyes bluish light, cool shade, so incandescent bulbs, giving a yellow light in the cabinet should be avoided.

3. Computer table should be comfortable, preferably with top curved shape.If the computer's does not fit into the overall style of the interior cabinet, you can set sliding partitions, or remove the job in the wardrobe.Discorda

nt modern computer with the rest of the office environment can, if the room is designed in a particular style, such as the Middle Ages.

4. For the productive work is very important to organize the workplace.On the table, there should be no unnecessary objects and securities, computer system unit and the printer can be placed under a table or in a separate table.

5. Equally important is the choice of the working chair.The best option - a chair with a high back, which, in addition to the spine and neck supports.In the area of ​​the back on the back of the bulge should be to support, otherwise the seat will be a long tiring.It is also necessary to seat height and backrest angle regulated.

6. Furniture should be chosen according to the style in which planned to issue room.Of course, it is necessary to take into account the financial possibilities.The Cabinet can be decorated in a classic style, with massive wooden furniture, bronze and decorated with genuine leather seats.No less popular today and minimalist style, comfortable and functional, without any frills and frills to finish.

7. Important cabinet and colors, usually each person chooses it depending on temperament.