Turn the material yourself, using Russian-Kazakh online per dictionaries.You should understand, however, that in this case the need to search for more information about the order of words in sentences in the Kazakh language, their alignment, etc.If you have experience in the study of foreign languages, here to act on the analogy.
install on your computer system of electronic transfer (
Russian-Kazakh version) to be able to translate the desired text material in compliance with all the rules of grammar and morphology.Select a model for this system, which would include enhanced language models, a large amount of vocabulary using fixed expressions and language structures.It must be remembered that after the transfer of the Kazakh language techniques discussed in steps 1 and 2, be sure to process the results of a professional translator for translation adjustments.
Prepare in advance, for example, to the planned talks, the Kazakh language studying independently with the help of special programs for distance learning, such courses ESCC.Your personal instructor will help to develop an individual training schedule for the assimilation of knowledge you needed to the planned deadline, will help to implement translations and prepare an oral report, if necessary.
Be online-order via the Internet by typing in any search engine "how to translate the Kazakh language."You will find lists of sites that offer translation services.The electronic form, specify the information, including your contact information, attach a text file to convert, select the date of execution of the order, the preferred form of payment.