Take a look at the social network.A huge web of different social networks enmeshed in the entire globe, and Russia is no exception.According to statistics, every fourth family in Russia has access to the Internet at home, and almost every Internet user is registered in one or more social networks.The most popular network of this kind in our country is the site "VKontakte".Just behind him is the most popular in the world of Facebook, «Classmates", "My World" and others.Chances are good that you will be able to find the right person you search through the data setey.Osobenno is useful if you know the name of the person, but do not know the city.Remember that not only should look at his own family.Perhaps the person married or
got married.Women sometimes return to her maiden name.By the way, if you think your family would move abroad, it is still better to make use of international social networks.
Refer to the archive of the village, where he once lived and may now live your lost relatives.There you can find information about where to find the family today.In addition, you can learn a lot about his family.
If you know exactly who it is you are looking for and in which city you live dates people, try looking at the city forum.It's great if you have a picture of your desired people - even in cities milionnikah usually, almost all the inhabitants know each other, if not personally, then a few handshakes.
Again, if you know what city should look for a man, have an idea of ​​where it might happen, try to go there.Asking people putting up ads, make inquiries.It is possible that your plans will succeed.
an ad in the local newspaper.True it is desirable that it was not free advertising publications that place your ad in the fine print on the last page.But on a more serious ads, of course, have to spend.
Contact the program "Wait for me."This is the first and only of its kind office people search, absolutely free.To request a search for a person to register on the program's website and fill out a search form.Work results you will be informed by e-mail or phone if you left it.