you need
  • - calculator
  • - Internet access
Ask directly age, suddenly he is not such a terrible secret as I could show you.In that case, if a person grossly denied you, do not despair.Try to find out the age, you can have your friends in common, though usually someone has this information.The move can also go and investigate a mysterious person among the relatives, usually other people are not accustomed to making big secret from someone else's date of birth .
Take a look at the passport human , the age of which you are so interested.Date of birth always mentioned there.Depending on the month, and the number of add or subtract year , if that is required.However, remember that nowadays fake passports are not uncommon.Therefore, if a fake passport,
and the date of birth is unlikely to correspond to the actual state of affairs.
Refer to various social networks and Internet portals in which the person is registered.Usually, in such places the date of birth , but be aware that a huge number of users of such resources prefers to hide his age, and sometimes even the wrong point to enter the same as you astray, and maybe out of boredom.In any case, do not blindly believe the information in social networks.
Learn affiliation human the eastern horoscope.Of course, we are talking about China's treatment.As is well known, the signs are painted on year am, therefore, not difficult to determine what year birth you have the right person .However, in order to apply this method, you need to even remotely suggest the required age.Because one or the other sign is repeated at intervals of twelve years.In that case, if you've seen person in the photo or in real life, this will make it very simple.