addition to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the country is working a lot of local representative bodies of the municipalities.In such a representative body of the easiest way to get there as a deputy.Please note that such bodies are not part of the system of state authority, so many benefits, put the deputies of the State Duma, are not covered.
procedure for elections to the local duma determined by the charter of the municipality.This may be the election on party lists and the election by the majority system, when each district winning candidate receiving the largest number of votes.However, the rules for those who wish to take part in the elections are the same.Under the law, a deputy may be any citizen of
the Russian Federation who has attained the age of 21 who does not have a conviction.In addition, the residence of the candidate must be within the county, whose interests he intends to represent.
order to run for deputies of local representative bodies, must be submitted to the election commission a written statement in which you specify the passport data, occupation, educational information, as well as confirming their documents.In addition, the need to provide information about income and assets.The important role played by the fact, whether you are self-nominated, or go to the polls by a registered political party.This affects the need for the collection of signatures and electoral deposit.
Once the application is submitted, you can open an account and start selective collection of signatures, the number of which is equal to one percent of the voters in your district, divided by the number of mandates.Once the election account is opened, you can immediately pay an election deposit.Having collected all the documents and signatures, you need to provide them to the Election Commission, make the necessary corrections in case of errors.If done correctly, the Commission will decide on your registration as a candidate, and you can start the campaign.