first determine what prosecutor you intend to write.In our country about 55 thousand prosecutors.This does not mean that there is a choice, and that the ministers of the law absolutely not enough.The population of our country is more than 140 million people, or one prosecutor account for about 2.5 thousand people.And each of them obviously have someone to complain to.
In a statement, specify a name of the prosecutor's office, which sent an appeal or name procuracy employee.According to the law, as a rule, the application is submitted to the district prosecutor's office in the community otpravitelya.Vy can send your application by mail (obligatory notification) or bring in person (if you are confident
that you can negotiate with the clerical acceptance of your written request).According to statistics, out of 10 applications recorded four or five.The main reason for failure - incorrect execution.Better to come to the office, write off the sample, and then bring a prepared statement.
statement the prosecutor's office can be like to type or handwrite legibly.If you can not read the text of the complaint, the prosecutor has the right to leave it without rassmotreniya.V statement select who to call, as well as his last name, first name, postal address.Further, in the free form, but by adhering to the official language, describe the essence of his discontent.You do not know the legal terms and concepts.Profanity is not allowed.
not overwhelm the prosecutor's office numerous complaints.If the application is written correctly, the answer is sure to come.If the document lacks any data, the prosecutor will notify you and will tell you where, public bodies and organs, you can get the necessary information.According to the law on the examination of the application is given 30 days.Your appeal may be granted, denied, or considered routed.