Napoleon was born in Corsica in Ajaccio.In nine years, he came together with his elder brother in Paris - to learn.Friends have a poor short-tempered Corsican was not, but he studied well, and his career has been steadily moving upwards.After the French Revolution in just one and a half year, he became a captain of brigadier general and two years later became one of the best generals of the republic.Taking advantage of the crisis of power in France, when I was a real threat of invasion Russian-Austrian army, he rebelled and declared himself the sole ruler - consul.As a people, and the army supported him, he began the history of the reign of Napoleon .Along with the great French army defeated Napoleon in t
he war with Prussia, won in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy.With Russia, Prussia and Austria, peace was concluded, after which Napoleon declared the continental blockade of England.In the early years the people kept their emperor, after a while people are tired of the constant wars, the crisis began.Napoleon decided to take a desperate step - declared war on Russia.But Russian met his desperate fight back, and the French army began to retreat.Closer to home country came Napoleon, the activity becomes his detractors.In April 1814 the emperor abdicated and attempted suicide by taking poison.But the poison had no effect, and Napoleon sent in his first link - the island Elba.Na small island near Italy Napoleon became Emperor.He could keep personal security, to manage the affairs of the island.During the nine months that he spent here, the Emperor spent several social and economic reforms to improve the lives of residents.However, the island was controlled by Britain and naval patrols kept him under surveillance.Active nature of Bonaparte did not give to sit still, and less than a year later, he escaped.The news of the escape of much discussion in Paris and 26 February the emperor was greeted in France jubilant citizens, without firing a shot, he again took the throne.The army and the people supported his illustrious commander.Beginning of the famous "100 days" of Napoleon's reign .European countries threw all their forces to fight the great emperor.After losing his last fight, which took place June 18, 1815 at Waterloo, he was hoping for the mercy of the English, but I was mistaken.He was exiled again, this time to the island of St.Eleny.Etot island is located 3,000 km from the coast of Africa.Here, the former emperor was held in the house of a stone wall, surrounded by sentries.The island is about 3,000 soldiers, and there was no chance of escape.Napoleon, having appeared in full prison, he was condemned to inactivity and loneliness.There he died after 6 years, 5 May 1821.On his death various legends go, the main version of the incident - a cancer of the stomach or arsenic poisoning.