Tip 1: How to news story

TV news reporter - the "hot" specialization in journalism.Daily newscast need to fill relevant and interesting subjects .Time to prepare them in reporter usually low - a few hours at most.Therefore, he must act quickly, following a clear plan.
you need
  • - professional camcorders;
  • - microphone with a long cord to connect to the camera;
  • - editing equipment;
  • - computer;
  • - licensed software to edit video and audio files.
find additional information about the event that you are instructed to highlight.Do not come to shoot totally unprepared.In a limited time you can misunderstand the situation.Therefore, the story will turn out biased.For example, information is the reason for reporting the rally.Before leaving his place of find out for what and against whom are the participants.Record contacts between the leaders, the exact place and time of the action.
Come to the event in advance, for 15-20 minutes before it starts.Take this time to good use: talk to the organizers, ta
ke additional printed materials (press release, the list of participants and copies of performances, etc..).Record 2-3 present comments of specialists.Often, officials are more willing to agree to a preliminary interview.Ask the operator to make a few general plans, which will be clearly visible scene.
on emergency taking your main task - to collect a variety of eyewitness reports.The reliability of the story adds the appearance of a journalist in the frame on the background of the event.Comments of experts you can get later.The official view in the report include narration.
Returning footage to the Editor, make a brief outline of the plot.The classic version of news reporting is based on the following scheme: 1.The story of a journalist from the event (stand-up); 2.Narration, continues the theme, and video illustrating the words of a journalist; 3.Short comments (synchronously) party (expert), recorded on the ground or in a formal setting, but not in the studio.The plot can be used 2-3 simultaneous, if they do not follow each other immediately; 4.Voice-over, ending the presentation of basic information, video and logically supplementing it; 5.Stand-up, in which the journalist summarizes, draws conclusions and gives prognozy.Konechno, the structure of the plot is not the only possible one.It must be correct, depending on the significance of the event, the purpose of reporting and content of visual material.
Write a correspondent text.It should be clear and concise.Tells about the events in chronological order.Follow the correct instructions geographical areas, names of organizations and institutions, names and people's names.Divide the text into parts that you speak in the frame and behind the scenes.Formulate liner, ie3-4 proposals, which will announce the release of a leading news the transition to your story.
with the operator mount the story by recording your narration.Look at the report fully to ensure its quality.Ready editor of material transfer.

Tip 2: What to do with the shares

Despite the fact that the securities have long been used as a means to generate additional income and investment, many people are still a little versed in how they earn.It is not enough to know the basics of speculation, it is necessary to clearly define for themselves what to do with stocks, to get them to maximum effect.
What to do with shares
action is a security which is issued on the security of the organization of certain property and to attract additional investment.

If you are lucky enough to become a shareholder, you have two options: to receive dividends or to sell them.In the first case, you will receive a certain percentage of annual profits.However, if you do not own a large block of securities, this amount is so small that may in some cases do not even take into account.In the case of the sale of shares can earn much more.

sell securities in two ways.The first is to look for advertisements for the purchase of shares.Such messages can be found on the Internet, in newspapers and near large industrial facilities.As a rule, the purpose of the mass acquisition is taking a controlling stake, which will perform certain actions now.

most popular way to earn money in stocks is trading at specific markets.At the same time most owners of shares entrusted to carry out the sale and purchase of the trustee.To do this, you must apply to the audited brokerage company, to enter into the contract and make their orders on the circulation of shares.The broker, in turn, gives you the opportunity to go to the stock market and facilitates the relationship with bidders.

It should be noted that in case of sale of shares or the receipt of dividends, have formed a certain income which under the law is taxed at 13%.Keep all documents that can prove your expenses associated with the actions of the shares.In some cases, payment of taxes assumes a brokerage company, so before filing a declaration learn from her this time.
the right of journalists to obtain information about various events is guaranteed by the federal law on mass media.
Helpful Hint
Writing synchronous, ask the person to introduce themselves before the interview.Then you do not have to remember when installing his name and position: on the film will not mysterious character, and a very specific commentator.
  • On mass media: the Law of the Russian Federation