you need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history of the war period;
  • - medals for work in the rear.
Decide whether you are eligible for the title of "home front workers".Under federal law "On veterans" such recognized the man who during the Great Patriotic War (June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945) worked for six months or more on the territory of the Soviet Union (excluding the territories occupied by foreign troops).It does not matter whether the person was an adult.If you fit into this category, you can get this status.
Prepare documents pro
ving your status.This may be a work-book with notes on the work during the war, or rewards for work during this period.Make copies of all documents in order to keep the originals at home.
If you do not have the above documents, please contact your city or regional archives for statements of work experience.Come to the archive in person with your passport to office hours and make a certificate stating that you worked during the war.To do this, enter in a statement on what organization and what time you were performing career.If you do not currently live in the city, where he worked in the war, please consult the archive, how to make a request to another city.
With all the collected documents and passport Come to the pension fund at the place of residence and apply for a status of workers in the rear.It will take some time, depending on each case.After obtaining the status you will receive a certificate and home front workers can enjoy all the benefits you laid.