difficult to say the truth or fiction stories about the longevity of Tibetan monks.But perhaps, the legends are true, and the walls of ancient monasteries really live people whose earthly life is much longer than the life of an ordinary person.

According to official statistics, among the living centenarians and centenarians past, there are representatives of France, America, Canada, Japan, Denmark and Italy.Moreover, unconfirmed record is considered to be among the oldest Chinese Li Ching-Yuen, who supposedly lived for 267 years.But there is no representative from Tibet.Perhaps the

secret lies in their way of life and worldview.

Tibetan monks lead a solitary life, devoting most of his time prayer, meditation and work.They are rarely allowed anyone in his monastery, and try not to reveal their secrets.We can only guess that it gives Tibetan monks strength, health and longevity.

One of the secrets of Tibetan centenarians can be called the correct mode of the day.Truth inspires doctors since childhood - the time for healthy sleep 8 hours is not meaningless.It was during this time the body has time to rest and recover fully.Moreover, the need to go to sleep for 2-3 hours until midnight and rise at 6 am.Thus, it is possible to normalize their biorhythms and force your body to work more vigorously and effectively.

Another secret lies in avoiding the hustle and bustle.Those who tried to communicate with the Tibetan monks, regardless of the purpose of his visit, noted the reticence of his interlocutors and unemotional.The correctness of this approach can be confirmed, and modern psychologists.In this case, the well-known expression "all diseases of the nerves" takes on new meaning.It is necessary to remove from your life all the negativity, anxiety, vanity, and set yourself up for that experience are meaningless and only harm, as life changes.You will become much calmer and feel better physically.

third secret - the constant but moderate exercise and fresh air.Monks of Tibet is constantly working in the monastery, providing themselves with food.An ordinary person does not necessarily make the grueling daily jogging and spend all their time in the gym.These tortures are contraindicated for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and the elderly.Will be useful for walking and charged several times a day.This will increase blood flow to the muscles and organs, it helps keep the body in good shape.

Another secret can be called moderate food.Food must be supplied as much as it is necessary for the normal functioning of the body.Overeating "stretches" the stomach, which leads to obesity, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and many other diseases.The daily diet should include foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

spiritual life of Tibetan monks is beyond the understanding of the average person.How many people are able to retire to the mountains, deserts, or voluntarily sealed themselves in a tiny room with no light and fresh air, with only a small gap in the wall, through which pass the meager food?Such a force is not for everyone, but perhaps it is in the spirit of such training is the secret of longevity.Although there are cases of long life, most of which man spent lying on the couch.

All newfangled "Tibetan art", "special" exercise "special" voice vibration and so on - no more than speculation based on meager information about the little-known group of people who are not going to share their secrets.Myths about levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, the life of 300 years or more - just a figment of the imagination of fans of Asian cultures.None circle of "followers of Tibetan medicine," none available a wide range of individual technique has no relation to the real Tibetan monasteries.Furthermore, such practices have many contraindications, and sometimes even life-threatening.