you need
  • - a certificate confirming the status of a large family;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificates of all children;
  • - an income statement;
  • - marriage certificate;
  • - a court decision;
  • - certificate of divorce;
  • - certificate of family composition;
  • - a certificate from the housing department;
  • - certificate of income of an individual from the employer on Form 2-PIT;
  • - the application for registration.
Decide what you want to buy: apartment, land or other property, taking advantage of the benefits.Prepare the necessary documents, please contact the authorities, leading waiting lists.
Visit the housing department of the city administration.It is possible that in this facility th
ere are experts who are engaged exclusively of registration of large families.In each city this issue solved individually, so it is better to find out in advance.
Write a declaration of acceptance of the registration, it must sign, not only you, but also all members of the family at the time of the document which was 18 years old.Make a photocopy of the first page of the passport, as well as where the registration.Prepare copies of birth certificates for all children.
Show documents to enable your family to include many children.This usually permits issued it in the social security agencies.Get the papers confirming your place of residence and other members of the family of a residence permit, it can be done in the housing department, or in the case of the private sector at a quarterly.Reassure help in the administration of the round seal.It lists all the members of the family, on the year of birth of each, date and shall be signed by the person who issued the paper.
Bring documents from the content of which is clear what income you and your family have been in the last year prior to the treatment for making the registration (as a rule, if you are working, this document becomes an income statementindividual from the employer on Form 2-PIT).
Provide paper, which contain information about household composition, degree of kinship of family members with respect to each other.As such, they may be: a marriage certificate, birth, divorce, court decisions on the establishment or abolition of various legal facts.
collect certificates confirming your eligibility for extra square meters.For example, indicating how much area of ​​the premises is necessary for one member of your family at the time of treatment in the administration for registration.
After you will make a waiting list for housing or a land plot, just hand over the notice of the established sample with a serial number and the date of re-treatment, during which you explain how many people moved all.When it's your - come and get the documents confirming the right to acquire ownership of the property.