you need
  • sheet, pen
describe interesting events in your life.Not much is currently concentrating on , but these events have to show others how you relate to some things, your reaction to the actions of other members of society, the key principles of your conduct.
sure to tell your personal data.It should be written in short, it does not take a lot of time reading.
Tell us about some its top quality.Remember that this part of the story must be the most voluminous and the most interesting.For information apply positively to your partner is easy to understand your overall mood.For example: "I like to come up with original solutions", "I like the
classics in all", etc.It is important to write about how it helps you in life.Open the topic in a few sentences.
Focus on your business experience, if you write a short story about yourself employer.It does not repeat the details provided in a resume and autobiography.Zagotovte several references in the text.For example, "more on that stated in his autobiography," etc.Be sure to Practise written text before the interview or business meeting, learn it by heart.
Do not limit yourself dry documentary exposition.Your story will turn out interesting and informative, if you will focus on the experience gained and the ability to find solutions in the work.Certainly an employer is more important to understand the reasons for your previous redundancies, not just a list of works.He was also interested in your expectations of the new jobs that are commensurate with professional skills.
Write about your strengths in the context of professional demands and interests.You can, for example, wrote of a family that will be clear to the employer your interest in stability rather than in career growth.
Read aloud to your story about yourself and note the time.It should not take more than 2 minutes.At the end of the story would be logical to suggest to ask questions to clarify the obscure points.