«Forewarned - is forearmed»

by law allowed to use the maternity capital to improve housing conditions.Accordingly, the funds should be targeted for the purchase, construction or repair of the dwelling.

In the case of compliance with the money spent for the construction or reconstruction of the premises, will be reimbursed by the state when you make a documentary evidence.

Upon receipt of the certificate, you can dispose of them to pay for a loan or a mortgage, as the initial payment of the mortgage obtained for construction or purchase of residential premises.

Cottage on matkapital: Myth or Reality?

If you want to spend the maternity capital for the purchase of villas, to take into account certain conditions.Housing must
pass state registration and fully comply with all requirements.The word "dacha" shall mean a house, adapted to live on a permanent basis, which meets all the standards established by law.It is necessary to ensure that all the conditions for the full year-round.Spend lighting, water supply, heating, electricity and ensure a good airing.

Emergency room or building uninhabitable, it is prohibited to buy due to the parent capital.

Making land without buildings is illegal.House / cottage / dwelling have to be located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the room should be issued to all family members, including children under the age of 18.

Before buying a cottage, find the exact local government whether the premises all the standards established by the Housing Code.

If you do decide to buy a dacha in the maternity capital, do not despair, because the certificate may be submitted for the construction of residential and holiday homes.

How to construct

to legally obtain matpomosch from the pension fund of the Russian Federation, a number of conditions must be met.Purchase a piece of land, located in the city, having the opportunity to address and registration.Lift the house habitable, you will be able to register themselves and provide it.In the future, you can use it as a summer residence.No other version of the law is not provided.

Based on the framework of the law, it is clear that to buy a dacha using maternity capital is possible only when the room is registered as a full-fledged housing with the possibility of permanent residence, as well as registration of residence and address.In other situations, the acquisition of sites or buildings for maternity capital is illegal and punishable by law.