By the guardian angel can be accessed at any difficult moment.However it is better to establish contact with him before that.In the course of it you can get advice, guidance, tips.You can find out the name of the guardian angel, so communication will go to another level, and it will always respond.

Mechanical letter

Learn the name of your guardian angel can be through mechanical letter.This will require to sit down and put in front of a blank piece of paper, pick up a pencil or a pen, go into a trance, call him and ask questions.Guardian Angel he would write his name, the hand of man.It is important to remember that it can be quite unusual, so it is not necessary to take a set of letters of nonsense, because a creature of divine origin can no longer get in touch.
It is better to try to focus on the name several times and say it to yourself, you may be able to find meaning in it.There is a possibility that the letters are quite unfamiliar.In this case it is necessary to know to which they belong alphabetically.You can then read the name of the angel right.

Meditation Meditation helps to know the name of his guardian angel.This will require to start practicing it, otherwise nothing will happen.The essence of meditation is to the whole body relaxed.This is what you need to do to get in touch with the essence of heaven.As soon will be able to relax your body and out of my mind all thoughts should call their guardian angel.Perhaps he will answer the call and enter the contact.In this case, it will be possible to know his name.If the first time does not work, you should try another, as happens that a person is not enough to relax or flies in his head are many extraneous thoughts that interfere with focus on the essentials.It is important to know that a guardian angel could not answer during meditation, but will send a response later in the form of a character, so you need to be able to read the signs.


If you can not find the name of the guardian angel through meditation, you can ask him to say his name in his sleep.To do this, relax count from 50 to 1, and ask a question.As a rule, after that person falls asleep, because the expense will bring it into a state of sleep.In the morning, after you wake up you should try to remember all the details of the dream.It should be remembered that angels communicate with people using signs, so sleep should be carefully analyzed and then be able to know the answer to your question.

Church Calendar

Relax manage not to everyone, and signs can be noted, not all, but that does not mean it will not be possible to know the name of his guardian angel.You can do easier, looking in the calendar.It's a church book, which has a list of a calendar of all Christian saints according to the days of commemoration.You only need to find a saint who is commemorated on the day of your birth.His name and will have an angel that protects you.