How many people have lost howling country

incurred during the Second World War, the loss of specialists in history evaluated differently.It uses different methods for obtaining the original data and calculation methods.Today in Russia officially recognizes the data leads the research team working in the project, carried out by experts of the Military Memorial Center.

As of the year 2001, when the research data were once again specified, it is assumed that during the war with Nazism Soviet Union has lost 6.9 million soldiers.Nearly four and a half million Soviet soldiers and officers were taken prisoner or missing.The
most impressive overall human toll of the country: in view of the dead civilians they amounted to 26 million 600 thousand. Man.

losses of Nazi Germany were significantly lower and amounted to little more than 4 million soldiers.The total losses of the German side by the fighting are estimated at 6.6 million people;This includes civilians.Allied Germany, European countries have lost at least a million dead soldiers.The vast number of dead on both sides were men of military confrontation.

Lost World: questions remain

Earlier Russia had taken a completely different official data about their own losses.Almost until the end of the Soviet Union a serious study on the subject has not been conducted since the majority of these have been closed.In the Soviet Union after the war initially affirmed loss estimates called IVStalin, who identified this figure equal to 7 million people.After coming to power, NSKhrushchev became clear that the country has lost about 20 million people.

When the country came to managing a team of reformers headed by MSGorbachev, it was decided to establish a research group at the disposal of which were provided by the archives of documents and other reference materials.Those data on losses in World War II, which are used today were made public only in 1990.

historians of other countries do not dispute the results of the studies of their Russian colleagues.The general human losses suffered by all countries one way or another participated in the Second World War, to calculate accurately is almost impossible.Called the numbers from 45 to 60 million people.Some historians believe that as finding new information and refining methods for calculating the upper limit of the total losses of all the belligerents may be increased up to 70 million people.