you need
  • 1. A copy of the INN,
  • 2. a copy of the BIN,
  • 3. copy of an extract from the register,
  • 4. cover letter.
For statistical codes need to make a request to the State Statistics Committee of HMC Russia.Make such a request you in writing or by appearing in the local branch of the State Statistics Committee personally.
to request in writing from the legal entity should collect the following documents: a copy of the BIN (certificate of registration of a legal entity), a copy of TIN (certificate of tax registration), a copy of an extract from the register of legalindividuals, as well as a cover letter.For joint stock companies require an extract from the register of shareh
olders.Probably, it may take a copy of the Charter - such requirement exists in many branches, so prepare it in advance, together with other documents.
The cover letter state the request for information letter about registered in EGRPO indicating statistical codes.The letter also specify where you want to provide information letter (for example, in the bank).At the bottom of the letter put the date and signature indicating the position in the organization.
Individual entrepreneurs make a request in person by himself and only provide a cover letter and a copy of an extract from the register.Check with your branch, whether to certify copies of documents.Usually it is sufficient or a certified copy or certified by the legal entity or the SP.The envelope with the documents and put an envelope filled with a return address - in this envelope you will be sent an information letter.
In order to get a letter codes Statistics personally cover letter is not required.Before turning to the State Statistics Committee, find out whether you need to pre-record - some affiliates operate solely on the record.For the letter by hand organizations provide a copy of the BIN, a copy of TIN and an extract from the registry, and individual entrepreneurs only copy of an extract from the register.