Get familiar with their language problems, to cope with the writing of the letter.Remember the school curriculum, review the record with additional education courses.In the end, use the automated translation, for example, Google translate.The last option is bad enough for the transfer of personal correspondence, so use it only in extreme cases.It would be best if you try to write a letter yourself and then give it to check on someone who knows the bad language.
Buy the most ordinary envelope - Russia has moved to international postal standards, which means the envelope
s inside the country and abroad do not differ from each other.
Write your address on the envelope.In the upper left corner of the email address of the recipient.It is written in the following order: name, house, street living, city, country.Please note that in the Russian address all written in reverse order - first the country, then the city, and after that the house and the apartment.In America, the standards writing addresses are different from ours, so try not to confuse them.And of course, write to the address in English.
Write your address in the lower right corner on the same model as the recipient's address.His writing is also in English, because if there are problems with delivery letter, it will have to send you back, and it will be much harder to do if the address will be listed in another language.
Purchase brand or pay for delivery of the letter.The envelope, which you submit, have to be brand (maybe even more than one) or a stamp.This means that you paid your shipment letter America .Contact your nearest post office - where you will be given all the information on the procedure for payment of international letters.In the same office, you can pay for and send your letter .
use e-mail, if all the above steps are too complicated for you.Simply enter the e-mails and make sure that your letter will necessarily delivered man from another continent.